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Our services

Your satisfaction and safety is our top priority

Thanks to our competitive prices and professionalism, our courteous services and meticulous teams, we guarantee you a job that

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our cleaning teams are skilled and equipped with the necessary equipment to clean a wide range of facilities including:


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Our services


Deep commercial cleaning


Construction sites cleaning


Stripping and waxing of floors

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Buildings and offices cleaning

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Pressure washing


Tile and ceramic cleaning


Window and storefront cleaning

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Concierge services

Carpet cleaning

The constant walking of your customers on your floors needs a new breath to regain all its shine. Our housekeeping experts are trained and equipped to offer you quality service for your floors. 

Pressure cleaning

In order to maintain a healthy work environment for all members of your team, your offices deserve regular cleaning. Call on our experts and offer your company and your employees a clean place.

Window washing

Have you done any renovations or are you a contractor?


We offer you an efficient and meticulous post-construction cleaning service.

For Regular commercial leaning, 
our tasks are as following:


Deep cleaning of the stove, refrigerator, microwave, toaster/oven, and trash cans, countertops, kitchen furniture, traces around cabinet handles.


Cleaning of the sink and faucet, vanity, toilet bowl and various accessories.


Cleaning of lamps, switches, interior floors of cupboards, mirrors and stains and dust on the frame and door.


Dusting of trinkets, window edges, woodwork, radiators, baseboards and heater.

Cleaning the Bathroom Sink
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Cleaning of fans, light fixtures, vertical and horizontal blinds, and the top of the refrigerator.

Work surfaces:

Cleaning and disinfection of office surfaces, screens, photocopier, computers and telephone. Management of supplies (paper towels, toilet paper, air freshener, etc.) and emptying of recycling bins and baskets.

Specific tasks:

Possibility of performing other specific tasks for your business.


Cleaning of floors (all types of surface), stairs, carpets, rugs and office chairs with vacuuming.

Receive a free estimate! 

Windows, carpets, major works: our team takes care of the major cleaning with high-end ecological products! 
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